Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms Co. (lovingly nick-named WDF)  is a brick and mortar business started by Jennifer Wallis and her daughter Breanna, to share with people who are just like you, how easy it is to attract the massive benefits various plants and animal communities bring to our lives.

These days you don’t need to live in the country to make that pleasing connection between you and nature, you can enjoy the eye-candy right from your back door. It’s a cinch to become a plant and animal magnet no matter what your landscape and surroundings, in a way that will lift your spirits through their beauty and joy.

Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms was originally built as your plant and animal feed store, but today its so much more.

Breanna will be offering you fun with a constant diet of “easy to do” family activities, while I will be getting down to the business of wildlife attracting basics – some projects which are so delightful they could be attracting your favorite critters before nightfall.

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Jennifer Wallis
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Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms Co.
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