Myths About Bats

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Myths About Bats



3 Deadly bat mistakes…






 “All Bats Have Rabies.”

Less than ½ of 1% of bats carry the rabies virus. In addition, rabid bats are seldom aggressive. Fewer than 40 people in the United States are known to have contracted rabies from bats during the past 40 years.




“Bats get tangled in people’s hair.”

Although bats may occasionally fly very close to someone’s face while catching insects, they do not get stuck in people’s hair. That’s because the bat’s ability to echolocate is so acute that it can avoid obstacles no wider than a piece of thread.


“Bats are blind.”

Although they can’t see color, bats can see better than we do at night. And although bats have relatively good eyesight, most depend on their superbly developed echolocation (or sonar) system to navigate and capture insects in the dark. Bats emit pulses of very high-frequency sound (inaudible to human ears) at a rate of a few to 200 per second. By listening to the echoes reflected back to them, they can discern objects in their path. Their echolocation ability is so acute they can avoid obstacles no wider than a piece of thread and capture tiny flying insects even in complete darkness.




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