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Subscribing to the FREE Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms Newsletter Gives You the Best Return on Investment of Time, Savings and will Increase the Love 100%.

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(1) The WDF newsletter is for many, a powerful pet & gardening toolbox — bursting with online money saving deals, tips and tricks, that’ll keep you ahead of the problems that you could be faced with. 

Get a copy of our Free newsletter that’s chalk full of special discount offers from various retailers tips & tricks on gardening and how to take care of your pets. Join in on our friendly games, freebies and great ideas that will keep you up to date on all the innovations and savings in the marketplace.

(2) WDF is your family’s best feed store and we like to pass on savings to people who subscribe to our list.   

  • Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to gain discounts. Whether you’re a pet owner, avid gardener, or organization looking for a way to make money — it’s our subscribers who will hear about all of our merchant coupons, discounts and freebies first.
(3) Subscribers get our do-it-yourself projects that’ll make your garden unique, or increase the love you have with your pet. 

  • Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll keep on top of all our do-it-yourself projects that you can master for fun (maybe even for profit), as well as crafts  you can put together with your kids.
 (4) Subscribers get a good-time-Charlie.

  • Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll have the first chance to enter our good-times-games that are oozing with interesting twists and turns to their plots, and will keep you guessing the next answer, the next prize, the next newsletter. 

(5) Subscribers get information about gardening and be on top of the pet-net.

  • Up to now its been all about fun, but when the rubber hits the road, its the articles that are the meat. Sign up to our newsletter and you will always receive our newest articles about the ins and outs of pet food, their health and the pleasures of gardening. Sign up right now wile we are offering over 240 pages of electronic books from gardening tactics ad saddle fittings to dog and cat health.

The time it takes to subscribe is nothing compared to the merchandise savings and interesting tactics
you will gain with instant


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Here’s what you can expect shortly after sign-up

  • A 90+ page electronic book “Your Garden” by Paulene Hodgkinson.  (#1)  This book is about the miracle of gardening, starting with the basics of soil, planting and what to do with pesky insects & pests.
  • A 30+ page electronic book “Dog Owner’s Delight” by author unknown.  (#2)  This book really will be a dog owner’s delight as it takes a tour around your dogs psychology and basic dog training methods that will add laughter and love to your dog’s story.
  • A 30+ page electronic book “Curb Your Cat” by author unknown.  (#3)  This book is an easy read that amongst the eaze will sneak in ways to help you understand and solve your cat’s more quirky behaviours and better understand your pet.
  • A 90+ page electronic book “Fitting Horse Saddles: A little guide for a jolly good ride” by Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms Co. (#4)  One of our very own little guides you can learn about the saddle, the different types of saddles, to how you can tell if your saddle fits.
  • A discount coupon from our store. (#5)  A discount coupon from our store to be used as you wish.
  • Up-to-date email updates in the form of a newsletter in your inbox where you will be the first to receive the latest and greatest information about the ins and outs of pet food and small-space gardening.
  • Serious merchant coupons, discounts & freebies.
  • All our do-it-yourself-projects that you can master for fun, as well as crafts you can put together with your kids.

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